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Answers From Our Expert: Insurance & Finances

Q: Can Life Options provide financial help for people who need a transplant?

A: The Life Options Rehabilitation Program does not have the funding to provide any financial assistance. However, here are some resources that may be able to help:

  1. Ask the social worker at the dialysis clinic or transplant program about local resources to help pay the indirect costs of transplant that you mentioned.
  2. Some states have special funding for people with kidney disease. Occasionally these funds help with indirect costs of transplantation.
  3. The United Network for Organ Sharing provides information on financing direct and indirect costs of transplant and provides several links to sources of help. This website provides a wealth of information about fund raising and how to screen an organization that will help you raise funds. Although I'm a social worker, I have no personal experience with any fund raising organization.
  4. The National Transplant Assistance Fund is a fund raising organization and one you might want to call and ask the questions that you find on the UNOS website.
  5. This article written by Cheryl Jacobs, a social worker at Fairview Transplant in Minneapolis, that discusses the direct and indirect costs of transplant and things to consider in fund raising for indirect costs of transplant.

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