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Answers From Our Expert: Work & Employment

Q: I am about to propose a meeting with our local Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) folks to help educate them about the needs of ESRD patients. What can you tell me about the status of the vocational rehabilitation counselor training project?

A: In late 2000, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), the federal agency with oversight over state vocational rehabilitation offices, selected kidney disease as one of three topics for the 27th annual Institute on Rehabilitation Issues.

Next, the RSA appointed a prime study group of consumers and professionals knowledgeable about kidney disease and rehabilitation. The study group developed a manual targeted at vocational rehabilitation counselors to help them better understand kidney disease, treatment, and the potential for people with kidney disease to work.

The manual, "Effective Strategies for Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Chronic Kidney Disease," was published in early 2002 and is now available for download. This comprehensive booklet is also available in print for $15 a copy from:

University of Arkansas - RRCEP
Region 6 - Rehabilitation Continuing Education Center
P.O. Box 1358, 105 Reserve, Bldg. #35
Hot Springs, AR  71902
Phone: (501) 623-7700
Fax: (501) 624-6250
TDD: (501) 624-0079

For questions or inquires call or e-mail the Region 6 RCEC.

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