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Answers From Our Expert: Exercise & Activity

Q: We are hoping to purchase 2 exercise bikes for our unit; do you have any suggestions about where we could do this?

A: I've heard of various bikes that people use for exercise in dialysis clinics. Obviously, there are pros and cons to different bikes and I would ask the supplier for a list of references so you can talk with others that use their products. Some of the more commonly used ones are:

  • Pedlar available from various companies (around $50)
  • ChampCycle designed for dialysis chairs (around $500 for one and less if more are purchased)

Both of the above are available from Champion Manufacturing LLC, the maker of dialysis chairs.

Some people have used stationary bikes like Monarch, Tunturi, etc., that are usually $750-1,500. These may need to be modified for patients to use during dialysis. I found some stationary bikes with prices listed at I don't know anything about this supplier so you might want to talk with them about what they would suggest.

You can also ask the physical therapy department at your local hospital what they suggest for bikes that would work during dialysis given your price range. The therapist would probably need to look at the dialysis chair and how patients sit during dialysis to determine how far away the bike can be from the end of the chair before shorter patients have difficulty using it.

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