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Answers From Our Expert: Food, Nutrition, & Diet

Q: I have patients with kidney disease who have poor appetites and are losing weight. Do you know of any resources that I can use or can refer them to that could help them?

A: This is an important question because nutrition in kidney disease has been linked with hospitalizations and survival. The renal dietitian is the expert on nutrition and kidney disease and should be consulted to help instruct patients about how to eat well with kidney disease. He/She should have copies of brochures and fact sheets on nutrition in chronic kidney disease and with hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and transplant. Some patient and professional resources that can help you help your patients include:

  • Life Options' Kidney School™ - Patients or professionals can learn about nutrition and kidney disease using the nutrition module of Kidney School. Individuals who use this module will be able to test their knowledge before and after completing the 20 minute module. They'll receive personalized dietary information based on whether they are using PD or hemodialysis and whether or not they are diabetic.
  • National Kidney Foundation - The NKF has brochures on nutrition and different forms of treatment for kidney failure in its A-Z Guide, and in the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative guideline for professionals.
  • iKidney - There is an article on Nutrition Management and DM in ESRD by Maria Karalis, MBA, RD, LD.
  • CHID - The Combined Health Information Database has links to resources on anorexia in kidney disease. Be sure to look in the Kidney & Urologic Diseases database. This database will give you an abstract of the item, who published it, when it was published, the format (video, booklet, brochure, etc.), the cost, and how to obtain it.

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