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Call for answers to your questions about kidney function, dialysis, keeping a job, Medicare, exercise, and more. With support from Sanofi Renal.

Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Home Dialysis Central - plan ahead to maintain your lifestyle by choosing dialysis you can do at home; learn what, how, and where on this site
  • Kidney & Urology Foundation - patient and professional resources, including physician referrals, scholarships, emergency grants, a library of frequently asked questions, information about upcoming health fairs, and helpful links
  • Kidney School™ - Life Options on-line kidney disease learning center
  • Missouri Kidney Program - state-funded program providing financial help for qualified Missouri residents on dialysis or who have transplants, funding for cost-containment research, and patient and professional education; excerpts from Giving Your Kidney brochure for living donors, and links to other sites
  • National Kidney Foundation A to Z Guide - full text versions of many of the most popular NKF booklets for patients and professionals
  • National Kidney Foundation of Connecticut and Yale's Nephrology Section
  • The NephCure Foundation - the only organization devoted to supporting research seeking the cause and cure of two potentially devastating kidney diseases, Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerisis (FSGS); in addition, the NephCure Foundation also strives to raise awareness about Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS and educate patient families about these two devastating kidney diseases
  • Nephron Information Center - dialysis facilities; education and the Kidney Disease e-mail discussion group for pre-ESRD patients; dialysis and transplant patients, professionals; a page on "Issues in Dialysis"; a calculator to determine level of GFR from labs, age, and gender; industry news; links
  • NIDDK - Kidney Disease - on-line publications for patients and professionals in English and Spanish, links to organizations, journal references on kidney disease
  • RenalInfo - patient and professional education about treatment options and living with kidney disease, sponsored by Baxter; includes the option to customize a "Kidney Health Planner," and to sign up for support or for the Stay In Touch program to receive free education materials
  • RenalWeb - dialysis topics, discussion boards for patients and professionals, dialysis centers listing, "yellow pages" for suppliers, chat
  • What Is It And How Did I Get It? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease - the result of a newly diagnosed patient's response to her fear; includes
    • how to read doctors' reports
    • blood and urine tests
    • prescriptions
    • the need for a CKD-specific diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and a partnership with your doctor
    The pages of resources and the glossary are also necessary parts of the passion to avoid other newly diagnosed CKD patients experiencing the overwhelming fear the author did.
  • - a website where people can get helpful information from medical experts, share their experiences on the message boards, and learn about kidney disease through education articles and health tools