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Call for answers to your questions about kidney function, dialysis, keeping a job, Medicare, exercise, and more. With support from Sanofi Renal.

Encouragement & Inspiration

  • AAKP Says I Can! - brief profiles of people with kidney disease
  • American Self-Help Clearinghouse - self-help sourcebook online provides tips for starting a support group or finding one in your community and includes a resource listing of toll-free phone numbers
  • An Unanticipated Journey - book by David Axtmann that describes his over 30 years on dialysis
  • Chronically Happy: Joyful Living in Spite of Chronic Illness - motivational book of tips and stories of her own and others' experiences with chronic illness written by Lori Hartwell, who has lived with kidney disease since childhood; good for anyone with a chronic illness
  • Dialysis Patient Achieves Dream by Completing Cross-Country Cycling Tour - story of dialysis patient Bryon Vouga's bike ride across America in the summer of 1999
  • Dialysis Patient and Triathlete: Shad Ireland - story of Shad Ireland's history with kidney disease, training for the Ironman competition and links to stories of his progress and successful completion of the competition
  • Dialysis Success: A Self Help Guide to Live Well on Dialysis - after living with dialysis for 32 years, Roanne Faith Dale wrote Dialysis Success: A Self Help Guide to Live Well on Dialysis, a sound and empowering set of guidelines on how to live a happy and fulfilling life while meeting the challenges of dialysis (Also available on CD)
  • Give Forward - empower friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisis; since Aug of 2009, they have helped patients and their families raise over $4 million for things like co-pays on expensive medicine, travel, lodging for treatment in other cities, and experimental treatments not covered by insurance
  • It's Your Life - A Practical Handbook for Chronic Ailments - read online or download free "It's Your Life - A Practical Handbook for Chronic Ailments" and "The Caregiver's Manual", based on over 13 years experience as a primary caregiver
  • Lori's Dialysis Cartoons - Lori Hartwell's cartoons on kidney disease
  • Renal Support Network - nonprofit organization established by Lori Hartwell, transplant recipient and person with kidney disease since childhood, to provide education and advocacy, also has information on teen prom, and "Find a Friend" linking service
  • Yes I Can! - story in Nephrology News & Issues about Sheila Shaw, former peritoneal dialysis patient and kidney recipient