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Call for answers to your questions about kidney function, dialysis, keeping a job, Medicare, exercise, and more. With support from Sanofi Renal.

Other Kidney-Related Links

  • Amputee Coalition of America - on-line community with information on advocacy, on-line support group, support group listings, programs and events of the ACA for children and adults
  • cyberNephrology - National Kidney Foundation link to Internet-based resources for nephrology practice, technological advances, access to discussion groups, journal clubs, talks from the NKF Clinical Meetings, etc. (available in English and French)
  • Calendar of Events
  • Kidney & Urology Foundation of America - nonprofit organization that gives grants to both patients and professionals (in English and Spanish)
  • The Kidney Zone - a website that provides links to various information on kidney disease and dialysis; this site also has a forum and a chat room and is open to all
  • Nephron - GFR calculator, database of dialysis clinics, information for patients and professionals on a topics related to kidney disease
  • NKF cyberNephrology and - Bruce Smith's Arizona Dietetic Project
  • Open Directory Project: End Stage Renal Disease - links to sites related to End Stage Renal Disease
  • Open Directory Project: Nephrology - nephrology links
  • Renalinfo - offers information about hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, including how they work and how to cope with changes in life style, travel, exercise, family, and friends
  • Renalnet - information on the cause, treatment, and management of kidney disease and ESRD
  • RenalWeb: Calendar of Events - calendar of events for professional meetings
  • RenalWeb: Dialysis Technician Links - information about dialysis technician and technologists and links to sites of interest to such professionals, such as dialysis technology sites and quality of care sites
  • RenalWeb Topics - dialysis topics and outcomes
  • Yahoo! Kidney Disease Links - links to sites on causes of kidney disease and nonprofit organizations working with kidney patients and professionals