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Call for answers to your questions about kidney function, dialysis, keeping a job, Medicare, exercise, and more. With support from Sanofi Renal.


  • Access to Renagel - information on REACH, Renassist insurance verification program, and Renagel Patient Assistance Program that can help patients on Renagel (a phosphate binder) pay for this drug
  • Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online - tips and warnings for consumers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Comparative Chart on Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Drug Discount Cards - helps you compare benefits and eligibility for discount drug cards offered by drug companies
  • Medicare Prescription Drug and Other Assistance Programs - tool to help people find out which programs can help them pay for drugs, including information on Medicare-approved drug discount cards
  • The Medicine Program - program that helps people apply for free medicines from pharmacy assistance programs for a $5 per prescription processing fee (refundable if you don't qualify for help)
  • National Organization for Rare Disorders - list of resources to help patients pay for drugs, including the Carnitor® Drug Assistance Program
  • NeedyMeds - lists medications and patient assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies with downloadable forms to apply for help, links to state Medicaid offices, information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and much more
  • Pharmacy Assistance Programs - website by the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America that links patients to over 275 public and private programs that help people get the drugs they need, including over 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies
  • Rx Outreach - program through Express Scripts for people with limited income that provides generic drugs not available through drug-makers' programs (some conditions apply); click on tabs at top of page to see FAQs (administrative fee and more), eligibility guidelines, application
  • Verified Internet Pharmacies Practice Sites - website by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy that describes the VIPPS program, the seal of approval, and provides a list of on-line pharmacies' practice sites that are appropriately licensed, are legitimately operating via the Internet, and that have successfully completed a rigorous criteria review and inspection