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Positive Outlook Leads to Healthy Activities

By Phil Murphy

Before my last transplant, I always felt that I could get away with leading a sedentary lifestyle. I thought that I could get in shape, and do all those other things I wanted to do, once I had a functioning kidney. I have now resigned myself to making the most of the situation I've found myself in—at least for now.

Since I've come to that realization, I work full time, pay closer attention to my diet, and exercise regularly.* I've traveled overseas twice in 2 years, and I'll be returning to the university in January to begin graduate studies.

I don't see myself as a dialysis patient in the stereotypical sense. Dialysis is a regular part of my agenda—no more important than anything else in my agenda. I try not to dwell on my health situation, and I lead quite a normal, active life. I don't let dialysis get in the way of any activity I would otherwise do.

*Editor's Note: If you haven't exercised for a long time and are out of condition, check with your doctor for advice. Ask about a referral to a physical therapist or other exercise specialist with renal experience.

Permission received to post the following information:

Name: Philip Murphy
Address: 214-111 Wurtemburg St.
Ottawa, ON  K1H-5H2
Phone: (613) 995-7226
Fax: (613) 943-0485
Cause of renal failure: Glomerulonephritis
Time on dialysis: 14 years
Treatments used: Two transplants; in-center hemodialysis
Work/other activities: Legislative Assistant to the Opposition House Leader, House of Commons, Ottawa
Date: December 1999

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